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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Web Bot Data Sets Predict BITCOIN $13,800 and SILVER $600 soon


$4,400 to $13,800

and all eyes on SILVER


A huge investor interest in BITCOIN and SILVER is beginning and expected to cause a major sector shift in both the CRYPTO CURRENCY MARKET and COMMODITIES.  

USE THE INTERACTIVE CHART BELOW to watch SILVER by typing in "SI" in the chart window:

Tone Vays has an issue with Reggie Middleton.  There's a load of conflict with various CRYPTO CURRENCY experts concerning coins such as Veritaseum and other crypto currencies... almost looks like there's a growing amount of complexities and conflict in the Cryptosphere that might obscure people from paying enough attention to BITCOIN and SILVER and they may even miss the coming price explosions in these two sectors:


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