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Friday, May 24, 2013

The new guy rises up in THE SILVER COMMUNITY

Josh Van Der Meulen?  or Josh Galt?

Who is this guy?  Is he the GO TO GUY?

This guy is important whoever he is and his YOU TUBE account was reported to be recently hacked along with his FACEBOOK account by "The Silver Liberton Army" who manged to damage his accounts.  He's going to have interviews on YOU TUBE with some of the IMPORTANT people who have interests in GOLD and SILVER.   Here are some prominent names just to name a few:
  •  Marc Faber
  •  The Day Trade Show
  •  Silver Futurist
  •  Eric Sprott
Lots of great things coming to this new YOU TUBE channel.  The News UNIT is going to be watching all the action with great interest as we are going to find out how to be a millionaire and some excellent insights into what looks like PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING:

Sounds like BrotherJohnF and SGTbull07 are going to have to step aside as SUBSCRIBERS start to flock to the "Josh Galt" YOU TUBE CHANNEL for some important insights and interviews that will be forthcoming.  Wow! 

There's another YOU TUBE CHANNEL called "Silver New Jack" also that is rising rapidly in THE SILVER COMMUNITY and it looks like they might be confederate.  Perhaps whoever this "Silver Liberton Army" is will be revealed and some important information for the SILVER COMMUNITY is about to be revealed.  We will have to pay attention to these important developments:

One thing is for sure is that Josh Galt (or Josh Van Der Meulen) or whaever his name is has some names that are supporting him.  In fact I'm telling Josh right now that "Nigel sent me" as The News UNIT is now subscribed to the "Josh Galt" channel.  Whoever is targeting this guy now has to get through Cory C. along with this Blackwater guy for starters.  This is starting to sound like The Silver Liberton Retard Army (whoever they are) is about to mess with something like THE UNIT or something. :-)

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